Theoretical Computer Science Phd Scholarships In denmark 2024

The Scandinavian nation’s University of Kobenhavn is calling for candidates for PhD fellowships in Theoretical engineering science for the term of 2023/24.

Details Of The Project:

The PhD students will be part of Jakob Nordström’s research group, focusing on the analysis of various algorithmic paradigms. Their research primarily revolves around gaining a better theoretical understanding of powerful paradigms such as Saturday determination, Gröbner basis computations, integer arithmetic, applied mathematics, and semidefinite programming. This involves exploring classic questions in the field of computational complexity theory, albeit with new and intriguing aspects. Additionally, the students may also be involved in designing novel algorithms that can effectively utilize these paradigms in practical applications. Interestingly, our research has uncovered profound and sometimes surprising connections to other subjects like circuit complexity, communication complexity, and hardness of approximation. As a result, the project may also encompass research in these related areas.

The Algorithms and Quality Section at DIKU is part of a dynamic environment that includes the influential Algorithms Research Copenhagen (BARC) center, which collaborates closely with the IT University of Copenhagen. Additionally, we have extensive partnerships with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Lund University on the Swedish side of the Øresund Bridge. Our objective is to attract exceptional individuals from all over the world to a stimulating, innovative, collaborative, and enjoyable atmosphere. By harnessing the power of mathematics, our goal is to make fundamental advancements in algorithms and quality theory.

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Values Of The PHD Programme:

  • The job position is covered by the memorandum on Job Structure for academic staff.
  • The initial salary is currently set at a minimum of DKK 328,355 (approximately €43,750), including an annual supplement (+ pension at a minimum of DKK 53,360).
  • There is a possibility for negotiation regarding the pay supplement.

Eligible Criteria & Selection Process:

  • In order to apply for these positions, candidates must have or be close to obtaining a Master’s degree in computer science, mathematics, or a related field.
  • The successful candidates are expected to have a solid foundation and a genuine passion for mathematics and theoretical computer science.
  • Having problem-solving skills and being analytical is a necessary requirement.
  • Applicants should be highly motivated for advanced studies and demonstrate the ability to work independently, conduct assessments, and possess good levels of teamwork, communication skills, and proficiency in the English language.

Application Deadline:

Application Deadline For Theoretical Computer Science PhD Scholarships in Denmark 2024 is February 10, 2024.

Required Documents To Apply For Theoretical Computer Science PhD Scholarships in Denmark 2024:

  • To apply for the program, please submit your application online by clicking on the “APPLY” button available on their website.
  • Include your curriculum vitae, a concise explanation of why you are interested in pursuing a degree, and a description of your qualifications and areas of interest.
  • Provide the names and addresses of three individuals who could serve as references for you. These references may be contacted by the World Health Organization at a later stage during the application process.
  • The University values diversity and encourages applications from all eligible candidates, regardless of their personal background.


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