Scholarship Sample: 10 Reasons Why I Deserve a Scholarship


When applying for scholarships, one common essay prompt that students encounter is, “10 reasons why I deserve a scholarship?” This type of essay requires you to articulate why you are a deserving candidate and why the scholarship should be awarded to you. Crafting a compelling response to this prompt can significantly increase your chances of securing financial assistance for your education. In this article, we will guide you through the process of answering this essay prompt effectively, providing you with valuable examples along the way.

10 Reasons Why I Deserve a Scholarship?

1. Understanding the Essay Prompt

The first step in crafting an effective response is to understand the essay prompt thoroughly. Take the time to analyze the prompt’s requirements, focusing on the specific aspects you need to address. Identify keywords and key phrases to ensure you stay on track while drafting your essay.

2. Reflecting on Your Achievements and Goals

To answer the essay prompt successfully, reflect on your past achievements and future goals. Consider your academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, and any relevant experiences that make you a strong candidate. Highlight how these achievements align with the goals of the scholarship and showcase your commitment to success.


I strongly believe that education is not just a personal endeavor but a means to positively impact society. With this scholarship, I would be able to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to make meaningful contributions in my field. I am committed to using my education and experiences to address pressing societal issues and create a better future for those around me.

Example: I aspire to establish a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing educational opportunities to underprivileged children, breaking the cycle of poverty through access to quality education.

3. Highlighting Academic Excellence

Scholarship providers often value academic excellence. Dedicate a section of your essay to highlight your academic achievements, such as outstanding grades, honors, awards, or research projects. Explain how your academic performance demonstrates your dedication, discipline, and intellectual potential.


Throughout my academic journey, I have consistently maintained an exceptional academic record. With a strong GPA and numerous accolades, I have demonstrated my commitment to excellence in learning. This scholarship would enable me to continue my academic journey without financial burden, allowing me to focus entirely on my studies.

Example: In my junior year, I achieved the highest grade point average in my class, earning the honor of valedictorian.



How to Answer “Why Should You Be Considered for This Scholarship?” Essay Prompt (With Examples!)

4. Showcasing Leadership and Initiative

Demonstrate your leadership skills and initiative by discussing instances where you have taken charge or initiated positive change. Highlight your ability to work collaboratively, motivate others, and make a difference within your school or community. Provide concrete examples that showcase your leadership qualities.


Throughout my academic and personal life, I have had numerous opportunities to develop my leadership skills. I have served as a team captain, club president, and community volunteer coordinator. This scholarship would provide me with a platform to further refine my leadership abilities and make a positive impact on my peers and community.

Example: As the president of the student council, I successfully organized charity events, raising substantial funds for underprivileged children in our community.

5. Demonstrating Financial Need

In many cases, scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need. If applicable, explain your financial circumstances and how the scholarship would alleviate your financial burden. Discuss the impact that financial assistance would have on your education and future prospects.


I come from a modest background, and financing my education has been a constant challenge. This scholarship would provide me with the much-needed financial support, ensuring that I can access quality education and relieve the burden on my family.

Example: I have been working part-time to contribute towards my education expenses while juggling academic responsibilities, demonstrating my determination and resourcefulness.

6. Discussing Personal Challenges and Overcoming Adversity

Share any personal challenges or obstacles you have faced and how you have overcome them. This demonstrates resilience, determination, and the ability to overcome adversity. By sharing your personal story, you can evoke empathy and make a strong case for why you deserve the scholarship.


Life has presented me with various challenges, but I have consistently shown resilience and determination in the face of adversity. This scholarship would acknowledge my perseverance and provide me with the necessary support to overcome obstacles, allowing me to continue pursuing my dreams despite the challenges I have faced.

Example: Despite personal hardships, I have maintained my academic performance and actively sought opportunities to grow and develop as an individual, demonstrating my ability to overcome adversity.

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7. Emphasizing Community Involvement and Volunteering

Scholarship providers often value candidates who actively contribute to their communities. Discuss your involvement in community service, volunteering, or other impactful activities. Highlight the positive impact you have made and how this experience has shaped your character and values.


I firmly believe in giving back to society. Over the years, I have actively engaged in community service initiatives, dedicating my time and skills to various causes. With this scholarship, I would be able to continue serving my community, making a lasting difference in the lives of those in need.

Example: I volunteered at a local shelter, where I organized workshops to teach basic computer skills to homeless individuals, empowering them to seek employment opportunities.

8. Describing Unique Skills and Talents

Identify and describe any unique skills or talents you possess that make you stand out from other applicants. Whether it’s a musical ability, artistic talent, or proficiency in a particular subject, emphasize how these skills contribute to your personal growth.


With this scholarship, I would be one step closer to realizing my career aspirations. I have a clear vision of how my education will contribute to my chosen profession, and I am committed to making a positive impact in the field. This scholarship would provide the necessary financial support to pursue internships and gain practical experience, enhancing my career prospects.

Example: My ultimate goal is to become a pediatrician, and I have actively sought opportunities to shadow doctors and volunteer in pediatric clinics, where I have witnessed the profound impact that compassionate healthcare can have on young patients and their families.



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9. Expressing Passion and Future Plans

Express your passion for your chosen field of study or career path. Discuss how receiving the scholarship will enable you to pursue your dreams and make a significant impact in your desired field. Share your future plans and goals, demonstrating your commitment and determination to succeed.


I am genuinely passionate about my field of study. I have consistently demonstrated dedication and enthusiasm, actively participating in extracurricular activities and pursuing internships related to my chosen field. This scholarship would enable me to immerse myself fully in my studies and explore various opportunities within my passion.

Example: I interned at a local environmental organization, where I actively contributed to research projects and helped organize awareness campaigns to promote sustainable practices.

10. Concluding Your Essay with Conviction

In your conclusion, summarize the main points you have highlighted throughout your essay. Reiterate why you are a deserving candidate for the scholarship and emphasize the positive impact it will have on your academic and professional journey. End your essay with a strong closing statement that leaves a lasting impression on the reader.


In conclusion, I firmly believe that I am a deserving candidate for this scholarship based on my academic excellence, financial need, passion, dedication, leadership skills, commitment to community service, research potential, career aspirations, ability to overcome adversity, and my desire to make a positive impact in society. This scholarship would not only support my educational journey but also empower me to contribute meaningfully to my chosen field and the community at large. Thank you for considering my application.


Crafting a compelling response to the “10 reasons why I deserve a scholarship?” essay prompt is crucial for increasing your chances of securing financial assistance. By understanding the prompt, reflecting on your achievements and goals, highlighting academic excellence, showcasing leadership and initiative, demonstrating financial need, discussing personal challenges, emphasizing community involvement, describing unique skills and talents, expressing passion, and concluding with conviction, you can create a persuasive essay that sets you apart from other applicants.

Remember to tailor your essay to each specific scholarship opportunity and showcase your unique qualities and experiences. By effectively communicating your strengths, aspirations, and dedication, you can convince the scholarship committee that you are the ideal candidate deserving of their support.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Can I use personal anecdotes in my essay?

Yes, personal anecdotes can be a powerful way to make your essay more engaging and memorable. However, ensure that your anecdotes relate directly to the prompt and help support your reasons for deserving the scholarship.

  • Should I mention other scholarships I have received?

Yes, mentioning other scholarships you have received can demonstrate your track record of being a deserving candidate. It shows that other organizations have recognized your achievements and potential.

  • How long should my essay be?

While there may not be a specific word count requirement, aim for a well-developed essay that thoroughly addresses each reason why you deserve the scholarship. Typically, a length of around 500 to 800 words is appropriate.

  • Is it important to proofread my essay?

Absolutely! Proofreading your essay is essential to ensure it is free of grammatical errors, typos, and clarity issues. It’s a good idea to have someone else review your essay as well for an unbiased perspective.

  •  Can I use a template for my essay?

While templates can provide a helpful structure, it’s important to personalize your essay and avoid sounding generic. Tailor your responses to the specific prompt and scholarship requirements to make your essay stand out.

By following these guidelines and incorporating your unique experiences and aspirations, you can create a compelling essay that effectively answers the “10 reasons why I deserve a scholarship?” prompt. Best of luck in your scholarship application journey!

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