Scholarship Aid Initiative Qualifying Exams And Mode Of Application 2023

The Scholarship Aid Initiative is a Nigerian university scholarship program for financially disadvantaged students who cannot afford to continue their studies. The scholarship program assists students seeking admission into tertiary institutions to discover who they are so that they can express their ideas with a vision of a world where people learn to respect, accept, and embrace one another and have the opportunity to study things that are meaningful and relevant to one’s life and interests.

To be eligible for the Scholarship Aid Initiative, applicants must have finished secondary school, have five credits in their O/level certificate, and be at least 16 years old. Students who have already gained admission should wait to apply. The scholarship program has a qualifying examination between June and July every year, and candidates who pass the examination will be invited for an interview. Selection is based on merit, and no examination fee or qualifying charge exists.

The Scholarship Aid Initiative has released an examination guide to aid applicants on the forthcoming online examination slated for June 2023.

Warnings accompanied the instruction guide, and any student breaching the rules would be penalized, as the organization has zero tolerance for cheating. Below in this article, We have highlighted all the guides and examination processes so you won’t have to breach the rules.

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Scholarship Aid Initiative Online Examination

Section 1: Examination Date

  1.  Go to
  2.  Download the examination timetable and your State Examination Number(very important).

Section 2: Examination Portal Guide

Note: You will only be given access or allowed to log in on the day of the exam, do not try to log in if it is not the day and time allocated for your state and state code; this is very necessary and you may be disqualified for not adhering to this instruction.

  • On this page, once logged in, you will see a rectangle box describing your exam. Click on the rectangle box describing your exam.
  • On the next page, click the “Attempt quiz now” button, as shown on the official website.
  • The system will automatically prompt you to start the attempt; click on Start Attempt.
  • On this page, you will be asked to answer some questions. Make sure to attempt all questions and click on finish attempt when you are through.

Note: The exam has a time limit; you are advised to finish it within the time limit given by the administrators.

  • Once you finish your answers, Click on the finish attempt. You will then be redirected to the review page; scroll down to the bottom of the page to submit your exam.
  • Last Piece, log out from the system after submitting your exam.

Section 3: Examination Instructions/Warnings

All applicants must follow the instructions given at this stage to avoid being penalized:

  1. The administrators are monitoring all your activities during the examination
  2. Do not try to access the login portal when you do not have an exam to keep others from writing their exam.
  3. Do not try to open new Tabs or external links; all your clicks on the software are being recorded, and this might lead to automatic disqualification from the program.
  4. The software will submit a report of all your activities with the exam upon completion.
  5. The activities are measured in scale; Cheating and Non-Cheating Scale
  6. Result for any exam within the cheating Scale will be canceled or disqualified.
  7. Each Examination is for 50 minutes; submit your examination within the time limits. If not, the system will submit automatically once you have reached the limit.

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Mode Of Application

  1. Make sure that you have finished secondary school and have five credits in the O/level certificate.
  2. Also, ensure that you are at least 16 years old or above.
  3. Only apply if you have been admitted to a university, polytechnic or higher institution.
  4. Select your State of Residence from the links or buttons on the Scholarship Aid Initiative website.
  5. Fill out the 2023 Scholarship Aid Initiative Application Form, divided into three sections. We have broken down the three sections above; you can check them out for proper understanding.
  6. Wait for an invitation to the qualifying examination.
  7. Congrats!! Let’s assume you passed the qualifying examination; you will be notified and awarded the scholarship.

Scholarship Aid Initiative Qualifying Examination

  • Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria are invited to take a qualifying examination, which always takes place between June and July each year.
  • The names of the qualified candidates are then presented to Intellectual Harvard Educational Services Limited for approval based on their “cut off” mark.
  • Once the administrators are done with the examination approval based on the “cut-off mark”, the qualifying examination results will be available for download on the Scholarship Aid Initiative website.

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