King Fahd University Scholarships 2023 in Saudi Arabia (Fully Funded)

Are you a talented and ambitious student seeking an exceptional academic opportunity? Look no further than King Fahd University in Saudi Arabia. Known for its world-class education and cutting-edge research facilities, King Fahd University offers a range of fully funded scholarships for the academic year 2023-24. In this article, we will delve into the details of these scholarships, their benefits, eligibility criteria, and how to apply. So, let’s explore the exciting possibilities that await you at King Fahd University.


Attending a prestigious university and pursuing higher education is a dream for many students. King Fahd University, located in the heart of Saudi Arabia, provides an ideal environment for academic and personal growth. The university’s commitment to excellence and innovation has made it a renowned institution globally. With the launch of the King Fahd University Scholarships for the academic year 2023-24, the university aims to attract exceptional students from around the world to join its diverse and vibrant community.

Overview of King Fahd University Scholarships

The King Fahd University Scholarships are fully funded opportunities that cover tuition fees, accommodation, health insurance, and a monthly stipend for successful applicants. These scholarships are designed to support students in pursuing their academic ambitions without financial constraints. They provide a unique opportunity to receive a top-notch education in an enriching environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and personal development.

Types of Scholarships

King Fahd University offers various scholarships to cater to different academic disciplines and levels of study. Whether you are interested in master’s, postgraduate, or doctoral studies, there are scholarships available to suit your educational aspirations. The university offers scholarships in fields such as engineering, computer science, business administration, architecture, and many more. Each scholarship has its specific eligibility requirements and benefits, ensuring a tailored approach to support students’ diverse interests.

Eligibility Criteria For King Fahd University Scholarships

To be eligible for the King Fahd University Scholarships, applicants must meet certain criteria. These criteria may vary depending on the scholarship program and the level of study. Generally, applicants are evaluated based on their academic achievements, leadership potential, extracurricular involvement, and proficiency in the English language.

For Master Programs:

  • A Bachelor Degree of four years.
  • A GPA of 3.00 or higher on a scale of 4.00 or equivalent, and a GPA of 3.00 in the subject of the major field.

For Applicants applying for PhD Programs:

  • An M.S. Degree (after a four-year B.S. degree)
  • A minimum GPA of 3.00 on a scale of 4.00 or equivalent in both B.S. and M.S. degrees.

For MBA:

  • A Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized institution.
  • A GPA of at least 3.00 on a scale of 4.00 or equivalent.
  • A minimum of one calculus course in college that covers both differentiation and integration
  • Having taken at least one course in computer science that included topics like data processing, programming, information systems, etc.
  • A minimum of one year of full-time employment. Graduate assistants, research assistants, and candidates with extraordinary academic records may be exempt from this requirement.


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King Fahd University Scholarships Requirements

The application process for King Fahd University Scholarships is straightforward and streamlined. Interested candidates need to complete an online application form, which includes providing personal information, academic records, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose. Additionally, some scholarships may require applicants to submit research proposals or portfolios, depending on their field of study.

Other must have requirements:

  • Copy of ID (National ID for Saudi citizens, Passport for those applying from outside Saudi Arabia, or Iqama for KSA residents)
  • Full transcripts of official records [For Ph.D. applicants: MS and BS transcripts/For master’s applicants: BS transcripts] (The transcript should be an official transcript and include the names and grades of all the courses taken.)
  • Size of a passport (Optional for females) Picture with a white background
  • CV that briefly discusses your training and professional experience.
    For applicants seeking an MBA from abroad, GMAT.

How To Apply


Application Deadline

Application Deadline for King Fahd University Scholarships 2023-24 is June 22, 2023.

Selection Procedure

After the application submission period ends, a rigorous selection procedure takes place to identify the most deserving candidates. The selection committee evaluates applications based on various factors, including academic merit, research potential, leadership qualities, and the alignment of the applicant’s goals with the university’s vision. Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews or additional assessments to assess their suitability for the scholarships. The final selection is made based on a comprehensive evaluation of all the applicants, ensuring that only the most promising and deserving students are awarded the King Fahd University Scholarships.

Benefits of King Fahd University Scholarships

The King Fahd University Scholarships offer a wide range of benefits that contribute to a fulfilling and rewarding educational experience. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Full Tuition Coverage: The scholarships cover the full tuition fees, ensuring that students can focus on their studies without the burden of financial obligations.
  • Accommodation Support: Successful applicants receive accommodation on campus, providing a convenient and immersive living experience within the vibrant university community.
  • Health Insurance: The scholarships include comprehensive health insurance coverage, ensuring that students have access to quality healthcare services throughout their academic journey.
  • Monthly Stipend: Students are provided with a monthly stipend to support their living expenses, enabling them to fully engage in their studies and extracurricular activities.
  • Research Opportunities: King Fahd University is renowned for its research facilities and opportunities. Scholarship recipients have the chance to engage in cutting-edge research projects and contribute to scientific advancements in their respective fields.

Academic Programs Offered

King Fahd University offers a diverse range of academic programs across various disciplines. From engineering to business administration, architecture to computer science, the university provides a comprehensive educational environment that caters to a wide array of interests and career aspirations. Students have the opportunity to learn from renowned faculty members who are experts in their respective fields and engage in hands-on learning experiences that foster practical skills and knowledge.

Campus Life at King Fahd University

Being a part of King Fahd University means immersing yourself in a vibrant and multicultural campus life. The university boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, research laboratories, libraries, sports complexes, and recreational spaces. Students can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, join clubs and societies, and enjoy a range of cultural events and festivals. The university’s supportive and inclusive environment encourages collaboration, friendship, and personal growth, creating lifelong memories and connections.

Student Support Services

At King Fahd University, students’ success and well-being are of utmost importance. The university provides comprehensive student support services to ensure a smooth and enriching academic journey. These services include academic advising, counseling and mental health support, career guidance, tutoring programs, and access to extensive library resources. Additionally, the university organizes workshops, seminars, and networking events to enhance students’ personal and professional development.

Alumni Network

Being part of the King Fahd University community extends beyond graduation. The university’s vast and influential alumni network serves as a valuable resource for current students and graduates alike. Alumni are actively involved in mentoring programs, industry collaborations, and networking events, offering invaluable guidance and support in career advancement and personal growth. The strong alumni network serves as a testament to the university’s commitment to nurturing lifelong connections and creating successful individuals.

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Tips for a Successful Application

To increase your chances of securing a King Fahd University Scholarship, consider the following tips:

  • Research Thoroughly: Familiarize yourself with the different scholarship programs and their specific requirements. Choose the one that aligns with your academic goals and interests.
  • Highlight Your Achievements: Showcase your academic achievements, leadership experiences, extracurricular involvements, and any relevant research or project work. Emphasize your unique qualities and strengths that make you a deserving candidate.
  • Craft a Compelling Statement of Purpose: Your statement of purpose is an opportunity to express your passion for your chosen field of study and demonstrate how receiving the scholarship will contribute to your academic and career aspirations. Be clear, concise, and genuine in conveying your motivations and goals.
  • Seek Strong Letters from professors, mentors, or professionals who can attest to your academic abilities, character, and potential. Choose individuals who know you well and can provide meaningful insights into your capabilities.
  • Prepare for Interviews or Assessments: If shortlisted for an interview or additional assessments, ensure you are well-prepared. Research commonly asked questions, practice your responses, and showcase your enthusiasm and suitability for the scholarship.
  • Submit a Polished Application: Pay close attention to the application requirements and ensure all documents are complete, well-organized, and error-free. Submit your application before the deadline to avoid any last-minute complications.

Remember, the competition for these scholarships is intense, so putting your best foot forward is crucial. Take the time to carefully prepare your application and present yourself in the best possible light.


The King Fahd University Scholarships 2023-24 in Saudi Arabia offer an exceptional opportunity for talented and ambitious students to pursue their academic dreams in a prestigious and supportive environment. With fully funded scholarships, a diverse range of academic programs, and a vibrant campus life, King Fahd University provides an enriching experience that sets the stage for a successful future. Don’t miss out on this remarkable chance to receive a world-class education and become part of a global community of scholars and leaders.


  • Can international students apply for King Fahd University Scholarships?

Yes, King Fahd University welcomes applications from international students for its scholarships. The university encourages diversity and welcomes talented students from around the world.

  • Are there any age restrictions for applying for the scholarships?

There are no specific age restrictions for applying. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria and demonstrate your academic potential, you can apply for the scholarships.

  • Do I need to know Arabic to study at King Fahd University?

While Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia, most academic programs at King Fahd University are conducted in English. However, learning Arabic can be beneficial for daily life and cultural integration.

  • Can I apply for multiple scholarships at King Fahd University?

Yes, you can apply for multiple scholarships at King Fahd University, as long as you meet the specific eligibility criteria for each scholarship. However, keep in mind that you may need to prioritize your choices based on your interests and qualifications.

  • What are the career prospects for King Fahd University graduates?

King Fahd University graduates are highly regarded and sought after by employers worldwide. The university’s strong academic reputation and extensive alumni network open doors to exciting career opportunities in various industries and sectors.


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