Founders Factory Africa 2023 Gen F Entrepreneur In Residence Program (Up to $250k)

Enroll in the Gen F Entrepreneur In Residence program.

Transform your startup ideas into tangible ventures within 12 weeks using our innovative Venture Design Studio, coupled with funding support to validate your concepts.

Gen F operates under the expertise of Founders Factory Africa, a prominent name in the continent’s investment landscape, renowned for its dynamic and engaged approach.

Embarking on a new entrepreneurial concept independently presents numerous challenges. The endeavor demands specific aptitudes, and many visionaries need help to undertake the associated fiscal uncertainties.

How can Founders Factory Africa Gen F  help you build?

  • They give you a monthly stipend, experimentation budget, and access to experts to test and launch your idea.
  • You’ll then qualify to pitch for up to $250k in further funding to launch it.

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The Founders Factory Africa Gen F Deal?

At the crossroads of innovation and opportunity lies our intensive 12-week sprint through the corridors of the Venture Design Studio. Offering not just a chance but a well-funded platform to breathe life into your brainchild, we present to you a remarkable $5,000 test and learn budget – a financial boost aimed at validating your visionary idea.

Upon the successful completion of our internal evaluation process, a gateway to even greater possibilities opens. A potential investment of up to $250,000 stands ready to fuel the flames of innovation, propelling your concept toward its fullest realization.

Guiding you along this exciting voyage is a team of seasoned experts from FFA. With a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, they are dedicated to providing targeted support tailored to your project’s unique needs. Their insights will serve as a compass, helping you navigate the intricacies of entrepreneurship and making your journey not just informative but transformative.

Who is Gen F For?

  • Exceptional founders/aspiring entrepreneurs looking to build out and test their ideas, achieve commercial success, and create outsized, systemic impact.
  • Outstanding professionals and domain experts looking to transition from the corporate environment to entrepreneurship.
  • Founders want to build tech solutions that solve Africa’s most significant problems and catalyze change.
  • Entrepreneurs who have a keen eye for local market gaps and a sharp sense of local problems that they are passionate about solving.

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Eligibility Criteria:

Aspiring founders have the necessary experience to create a firm that can receive VC funding. These include:

  • Former startup founders who are aware of the requirements for developing company ideas.
  • Professionals in their respective fields who have a distinctive perspective on the issue they are attempting to address.
  • Corporate executives have spotted a market vacuum and are considering starting their own business.
  • Senior operators with prior startup experience in Africa.
  • Founders with a well-researched idea that addresses a significant market need in Africa.
  • Founders who can devote a full-time effort to their startup for 10 to 12 weeks while also refining and validating their concept.
  • Ideas with a significant potential for economic gain and a lasting effect.
  • Founders who are only starting to develop their startup concept (pre-revenue).


During GenF, Founders Factory Africa provides:

  • $3000 per month for three months as a founder’s stipend.
  • $5000 one-time fee to conduct market validation studies.
  • You are collaborating directly with the venture builders to polish your idea and aid in your IC preparation.

Upon approval by the Investment Committee:

  • Access to their studio services for starting your business is free.
  • The amount of funding is up to $250,000.

How To Apply

To Apply for the founders factory africa 2023 gen f entrepreneur in residence program, click the “Apply” Button Below.

To make this process as easy as possible for the founder, we did it on purpose. The stages of our application process are as follows:

  • Application form – to examine the market opportunity and learn more about the entrepreneur. Please consider your application unsuccessful if you have yet to hear from us within a week of submitting it.
  • Exploratory Chat: a 30-minute meeting with the founder to determine whether there is a founder/market fit. Results will be shared two weeks after the initial Chat.
  • A panel interview with several FFA members lasts an hour and aims to delve deeper into your idea. Following the panel interview, the results will be announced in one week.

Application Deadline

The application process is continuous. Therefore, it is always open. Apply whenever you like.

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