David Oyedepo Foundation (DOF) 2023 Scholarship Program for African Students

The David Oyedepo Foundation (DOF) is pleased to announce its highly anticipated 2023 scholarship program, offering a transformative opportunity for African students to pursue their educational dreams. With its mission to alleviate poverty and empower the next generation of African leaders, the DOF scholarship program has become a beacon of hope for talented individuals seeking to create a lasting impact on their communities and beyond.


Education plays a pivotal role in the development and progress of any nation. Recognizing this, the David Oyedepo Foundation has taken a bold step by establishing a scholarship program aimed at supporting African students in their pursuit of higher education. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the DOF 2023 Scholarship Program, highlighting its significance and the opportunities it presents for aspiring African students.


Background of the David Oyedepo Foundation

The David Oyedepo Foundation, founded by the esteemed Nigerian clergyman Bishop David Oyedepo, is rooted in the belief that education is the key to unlocking human potential. For over two decades, the foundation has been actively involved in various philanthropic initiatives, including the provision of quality education, healthcare, and empowerment opportunities for underprivileged individuals across Africa. The foundation’s unwavering commitment to transforming lives has earned it recognition and respect both locally and internationally.

Overview of the DOF 2023 Scholarship Program

The DOF 2023 Scholarship Program serves as a stepping stone for academically gifted African students who lack the financial means to pursue higher education. The program provides a comprehensive scholarship package that covers tuition, accommodation, books, and a monthly stipend for the entire duration of the chosen program. This holistic support enables students to focus on their studies without the burden of financial constraints.

To be eligible for the DOF scholarship:

  • Applicants must be citizens and residents of any African nation,
  • Have a strong academic record,
  • And demonstrate leadership potential
  • Commitment to community service.
  • Have a minimum age of 16 and a maximum age of 25 at the time the application is submitted.
  • Having a Nigerian student visa available to you
  • Possess a command of the English language, both in reading and writing.
  • A track record of excellence in secondary school performance as measured by:
  • At least 20 points higher than the cutoff score for JAMB (restricted to Nigerians only)
  • 80% reported average or 4.0GPA/5.0 on the secondary/high school transcript
  • Admissions applications for Covenant University or Landmark University have already started.

The program is open to students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels across various fields of study.

Scholarships Offered by the DOF 2023 Scholarship Program

The DOF scholarship program offers several types of scholarships to cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of African students. These scholarships include:

  • Full-Tuition Scholarship: This scholarship covers the full cost of tuition for the entire duration of the program. It is awarded to exceptional students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements and leadership potential.
  • Partial Scholarship: The partial scholarship provides financial assistance to students by covering a portion of their tuition fees. It aims to support talented individuals who have shown great promise but may require additional financial aid.
  • Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Scholarship: Recognizing the importance of vocational skills, the DOF scholarship program also offers scholarships for technical and vocational education. This enables students to acquire practical skills that are in high demand in the job market.

The DOF has also partnered with prestigious educational institutions across Africa and beyond to provide scholarship recipients with access to world-class education and mentorship.


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 Selection Process and Criteria

The selection process for the DOF scholarship program is rigorous and highly competitive. The foundation employs a meticulous evaluation system to identify deserving candidates. The criteria used to evaluate applicants include academic performance, leadership potential, community involvement, and a compelling vision for the future.

Applicants are required to submit their academic transcripts, recommendation letters, a personal statement, and proof of their financial need. Shortlisted candidates undergo a series of interviews and assessments to assess their suitability for the scholarship.

Applicants that make it to the final round must provide;

  • Evidence of enrollment at Covenant or Landmark University
  • Evidence of nationality
  • Each and every original document uploaded throughout the application.

The following factors—not in priority order—will be considered by selection panels when assessing applications:

  • A track record of exceptional academic abilities demonstrated a need for money exceptional character
  • A track record of success in leadership and community development
  • A promise to use knowledge on how to impact the community at home.

Alumni Success Stories

The impact of the DOF scholarship program can be seen through the success stories of its alumni. Numerous scholarship recipients have gone on to achieve remarkable feats in their chosen fields, contributing to the development and progress of their communities and the continent as a whole. These individuals have become catalysts for change, exemplifying the transformative power of education and financial support.

Among the alumni, there are entrepreneurs, researchers, social activists, and leaders in various sectors who attribute their achievements to the opportunities provided by the DOF scholarship. Their stories serve as inspiration for future applicants, showcasing the potential for growth and success that the program offers.

Impact and Contributions of the DOF Scholarship Program

The DOF scholarship program has made a significant impact on African education and empowerment. By investing in the education of bright and motivated students, the foundation is sowing the seeds for a prosperous and progressive Africa. The program has not only provided financial support but has also fostered a sense of purpose, instilled leadership qualities, and nurtured a spirit of giving back to the community.

Through the DOF scholarship program, talented African students have been able to pursue their academic aspirations and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the challenges facing their societies. By nurturing these individuals, the program is cultivating a new generation of leaders, change-makers, and innovators who are equipped to make a positive impact in their respective fields.

Moreover, the DOF scholarship program has contributed to the development of African nations by addressing the critical issue of brain drain. By offering opportunities for higher education within the continent, the program encourages talented individuals to stay and contribute to the growth and development of their home countries. This helps to retain valuable human capital and channel it towards the betterment of African societies.

How to Apply for the DOF 2023 Scholarship Program

Applying for the DOF 2023 Scholarship Program is a straightforward process that begins with visiting the official website of the David Oyedepo Foundation. There, interested applicants can find detailed information about the program, eligibility criteria, and application requirements.


application Deadline

Application Deadline for David Oyedepo Foundation (DOF) 2023 Scholarship Program for African Students  Is July 1, 2023.


  • May 19, 2023: Applications Open
  • July 1, 2023: Application Closes
  • July, 2023: Finalisation of finalists applicants and contact of same
  • August – September 2023: Resumption of Scholars in Covenant and Landmark University.

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The David Oyedepo Foundation’s 2023 Scholarship Program presents a unique opportunity for African students to pursue their educational dreams and become catalysts for positive change. By providing financial support, mentorship, and access to world-class education, the program is empowering a new generation of African leaders, innovators, and change-makers.

Through the scholarship program, the David Oyedepo Foundation is playing a crucial role in the transformation of African education and the advancement of the continent as a whole. By investing in talented individuals and nurturing their potential, the foundation is creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond the individual recipients, benefiting communities, nations, and ultimately, Africa as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who is eligible to apply for the DOF 2023 Scholarship Program?

The DOF 2023 Scholarship Program is open to African students who are citizens and residents of any African nation. Eligibility criteria include strong academic performance, leadership potential, and a commitment to community service. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply.

  • What fields of study are covered by the DOF scholarship?

The DOF scholarship program covers a wide range of fields of study, including but not limited to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, agriculture, medicine, social sciences, arts, and humanities. The aim is to support students in diverse academic disciplines.

  • What are the benefits provided by the DOF scholarship?

The DOF scholarship offers comprehensive support, including full or partial tuition coverage, accommodation, books, and a monthly stipend for the entire duration of the program. The exact benefits may vary depending on the type of scholarship awarded.

  • How are scholarship recipients selected?

The selection process involves a rigorous evaluation of applicants based on academic performance, leadership potential, community involvement, and their vision for the future. Shortlisted candidates undergo interviews and assessments to determine their suitability for the scholarship.

  • Is there any post-scholarship support for alumni?

Yes, the DOF scholarship program provides post-scholarship support to alumni through networking opportunities, mentorship programs, and access to professional development resources. This support aims to ensure the continued growth and success of scholarship recipients even after they complete their studies.


We hope these FAQs address some of your queries about the DOF 2023 Scholarship Program. If you have further questions or require additional information, please visit the official David Oyedepo Foundation website or contact their dedicated support team.


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