Chevening Scholarship 2024/25 | Application Process (Fully Funded)

Are you a highly motivated individual with a desire to pursue further studies and enhance your career prospects? The Chevening Scholarship offers a life-changing opportunity to talented individuals from all around the world. In this article, we will explore the application process for the Chevening Scholarship 2024/25, a prestigious and fully funded scholarship program.

Overview of the Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening Scholarship is a global scholarship program funded by the UK government, offering fully funded opportunities for outstanding individuals to study in the United Kingdom. The program aims to develop global leaders who can contribute to the advancement of their countries.

Eligibility Criteria For Chevening Scholarship 2024/25

To be eligible for the Chevening Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country or territory.
  • By the time you submit your application, you must have finished all requirements for an undergraduate degree that will allow you to enroll in a postgraduate program at a UK university. According to your subject and university selection, this is normally similar to an upper second-class 2:1 honours degree in the UK, though it may be different.
  • Have at least two years of work experience.
  • Meet the Chevening language requirement.
  • Apply to three different eligible UK university courses.

Applicants Not Eligible For Chevening Scholarship:

  • Possess British or dual citizenship (unless you are applying from Hong Kong and are a citizen of a British Overseas Territory or have BN(O)).
  • Hold refugee status in a nation that is ineligible for applying in a Chevening Scholarship. Candidates for a scholarship must be citizens of a Chevening-eligible nation or have refugee status in a Chevening-eligible country.
  • Are currently employed by Her Majesty’s Government—including British embassies and high commissions, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, the Department for International Trade, the Ministry of Defense, and the Home Office—or were employed there within the past two years of the opening of Chevening applications. You can also apply if you work for the Association of Commonwealth Universities.
  • Employees, former employees, and relatives* of employees of Chevening Partner organizations are eligible to apply. However, if the employment occurred within the last two years, you are not eligible to receive a Chevening Partner Award from the organization from which you work, were formerly employed, or are related.
  • Had previously received financing for a UK government scholarship to study there.


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Application Timeline For Chevening Scholarship 2024/25

The application process for the Chevening Scholarship 2024/25 follows a specific timeline:

  • August 2023: Applications open.
  • November 2023: Application deadline.
  • December 2023 – February 2024: Application review and interview selection.
  • March 2024: Interview invitations.
  • April – July 2024: Interviews conducted.
  • Early August 2024: Scholarship offer notifications.

Application Requirements For Chevening Scholarship 2024/25

Applicants need to prepare the following documents to complete their Chevening Scholarship application:

  • Academic transcripts and certificates.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • Valid passport or national ID.
  • English language test results.
  • University offer letters (if available).
  • Work experience letters (if applicable).

How to Apply For Chevening Scholarship 2024/25

To apply for the Chevening Scholarship, follow these steps:

  • Choose your country from here, then choose Chevening Scholarship.
  • Create a profile.
  • Fill out your profile with your personal data, save it, and then validate it before launching your application.
  • To ensure your eligibility for the Scholarship, complete the quiz.
  • Prepare the following documents and complete the application as necessary:
  • Completed academic records.
  • English proficiency required.
  • Conditional offers for the three suggested study courses.
  • Offers without conditions for suggested study programs (up to three) By July 13, 2024, you must upload at least one unconditional offer.
  • References (If you receive an interview invitation, you will be required to upload two references).
  • Passport or ID card.
  • Submit the application.

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Application Review Process

Once the application deadline has passed, all submitted applications undergo a thorough review process. Applications are assessed against the eligibility criteria, and a panel of experts evaluates the applicant’s suitability for the scholarship. Academic and professional achievements, leadership potential, and the applicant’s impact in their home country are considered during the review.

1. Interview Stage

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview, which will take place in person or online. The interview aims to assess the candidate’s leadership qualities, networking skills, and their fit with the Chevening values. It is essential for applicants to prepare for the interview by researching the scholarship program, the UK, and their chosen courses.

2. Notification of Results

After the interview stage, successful candidates will be notified of their scholarship offer. The results are usually communicated via email. Candidates who are not selected will also be informed of the outcome.

3. Accepting the Scholarship

Candidates who receive a scholarship offer must carefully review the terms and conditions of the award. They should consider the funding provided, the duration of the scholarship, and any additional requirements or commitments. Upon accepting the scholarship offer, candidates will need to fulfill certain obligations, such as meeting the conditions set by their chosen university and securing a UK visa.

Pre-departure and Arrival in the UK
Before departing for the UK, Chevening scholars are required to attend a pre-departure event organized by the Chevening Secretariat. This event provides valuable information and guidance to help scholars prepare for their studies in the UK. It covers various aspects such as accommodation, healthcare, cultural adaptation, and networking opportunities.

Once scholars arrive in the UK, they are encouraged to actively engage with the Chevening community and participate in various events and activities. These interactions provide opportunities to network, share experiences, and contribute to the Chevening alumni network.


The Chevening Scholarship is a prestigious and fully funded opportunity for individuals seeking to pursue their studies in the UK. The application process involves careful preparation, including meeting the eligibility criteria, gathering the necessary documents, and submitting a compelling application. Successful candidates progress through the review process, including an interview stage, and finally receive a scholarship offer. Upon acceptance, scholars embark on a transformative journey to further their education and develop their leadership skills.

In conclusion, the Chevening Scholarship offers a remarkable opportunity for individuals to pursue their academic and professional goals in the UK. Through its comprehensive application process, rigorous selection criteria, and fully funded support, the program empowers scholars to become global leaders and make a positive impact in their home countries. If you meet the eligibility criteria, don’t miss the chance to apply for the Chevening Scholarship and take your career to new heights.


  • What is the Chevening Scholarship?

The Chevening Scholarship is a fully funded global scholarship program offered by the UK government to talented individuals worldwide.

  • Who is eligible to apply for the Chevening Scholarship?

Citizens of Chevening-eligible countries or territories who meet the academic and work experience requirements can apply.

  • What are the key application requirements?

Applicants need to submit academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a valid passport or national ID, English language test results, and more.

  • How long does the application process take?

The application process spans several months, starting from August with scholarship offers usually communicated in early August of the following year.

  • What happens after receiving a scholarship offer?

Upon accepting the scholarship offer, candidates must fulfill certain obligations and prepare for their studies in the UK.


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